Who We Are

One point of contact, part of your team and committed to your success.

The team behind Online Real Estate Media have extensive experience working in the property advertising and marketing industry, for all the major players in the space.

The directors have spent time working as agents and property managers, as well as marketing professionals, so truly do understand the many changes that have affected the industry with regards to advertising.

With consumers being well informed and able to access information on demand, the expectation is that property professionals will be highly active with their advertising to increase the likelihood of success for their clients.

Unfortunately, many property professionals find themselves preoccupied with just trying to keep up with what is expected and find they are diverted too often from the key tasks of their job.

Which is why it is the right time for a company like Online Real Estate Media.

Online Real Estate Media’s services are focused on what we feel are the most important, yet time consuming activities, in any successful marketing campaign. By focusing on these core aspects, we aim to provide a solution to property professionals, allowing them to free up more time to focus on the key elements of their job – managing, listing, selling property and running the business.


Luke McGuire – Director
Luke is an experienced property marketing professional, having spent time working for all the major players in the space – News Limited, Fairfax and the REA Group.